Trinity: Autumn

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A Year of Short Stories from Nine Radically Diverse Authors Blue Forge Press selected nine authors (three male, three female, three nonbinary) and sent them writing prompts every month for a year. We wanted to explore a triad of gender expression but instead discovered a more authentic creative trinity: Writer. Idea. Reader. Despite their vast and varied differences in experience, style, ideology, class, politics, race, sexuality, and religion, the authors all gave a year of their creative lives to craft their best work over the course of 2019. Trinity Winter is a time capsule of their stories—and the prompts that inspired them—for the months of December, January, and February. Whether brand new and just beginning their writing careers or established veterans in the industry, rarely have more diverse authors come together to create a body of work so inclusive and enlightening. Blue Forge Press used a light editorial hand to allow the writers’ voices to be heard in their original state: Undiluted, unaltered, and raw. The writers are here. The ideas are here. We welcome readers to complete the trinity.

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